Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Epic Oil Painting Of The Universe. A Sky Full Of Stars! Abstract Painting Titled "Galaxy" By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk.

36 x 36 Inches
Contemporary Oil Painting On Canvas


This painting is by far my favorite abstract universe painting!  "Galaxy" SOLD before completion and is on its way to a new home in Colorado!

The colors and brilliance are simply amazing in our universe!  I have studied images from the Hubble Telescope and our universe holds the most magnificent images with what I consider brilliant artwork by the hand of God.   I can't come close to His masterpieces, however I have enjoyed creating my perception of these images!

Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
©Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

Friday, April 10, 2015

Abstract Horse Paintings By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk. Contemporary Mixed Media Equine Art. Artist Paintings By Contemporary Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk. The United Horse.

The United Horse
30 x 40 Inches
Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas

Beauty, Grace, Strength, Horse.. This artwork is composed of several languages stating these words collided together in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Italian, Hebrew etc.  I have 7,500 followers on my Facebook Art Page from around the world.  They all have art and the horse as a common love regardless of color, race, or religion..  Art Unites!!


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
©Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Sky Full Of Stars. Interstellar. Abstract Galaxy Paintings. Out Of This World Universe Art. Contemporary Colorado Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk.

36 x 36 Inches
Oil On Canvas
Abstract Galaxy Painting

"Interstellar 2"
36 x 36 Inches
Oil On Canvas
Abstract Galaxy Painting

I have really enjoyed creating my new "Pure Abstract" series!  I have studied various images from the Hubble Telescope as inspiration for this artwork.  Interstellar and Interstellar 2 can be purchased as a set or separate.  These paintings were painted at the same time and consist of the same material and color palette.  AMAZING, Out Of This World Colors and striking detail With A Sky Full Of Stars is what you find when studying this unique artwork.

Prints Are Available At My Website HERE!


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
©Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

Monday, March 9, 2015

Abstract Contemporary Galaxy Colorful Painting. Jennifer Morrison Godshalk Contemporary Fine Artist. Tranquility painting offered for sale.


Abstract Oil Painting
Pure Abstract Series

36x36 Inches
1 3/4 Inch deep gallery wrapped

Tranquility 1

Tranquility 2

I have started my Pure Abstract series and this beauty is the first!  

Thick oils on canvas enhanced with bright colors on a dark background accentuate this colorful abstract painting.  Somewhat representative of a galaxy or an image from the universe captured from the Hubble Telescope is what this painting resembles to me.  Pure abstract paintings are images which represent something to the viewer without any specific image to be had in the artwork.  What do you see?

This is the first of several produced, and I am excited to paint others!  Prints are available and offered together as one piece or separate as two.


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist
©Morrison Studios

Friday, December 5, 2014

An Abstract Colorful Horse Painting By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

A Contemporary Colorful Horse Painting
 True Companions

48 x 48 Inches
Oil On Canvas

A Colorful, Contemporary Palette Knife Horse Painting

This painting is colorful and contemporary in nature.  Layers upon layers of oil paint has been applied with a palette knife to create this sculpted, detailed effect in this colorful painting.  This painting takes time to complete, as the layers of paint have to dry before applying the next layer.
I am really loving this technique, and I find it somewhat addictive.  I stumbled upon this effect when I painted the elk painting titled "A Call In The Night".    The elk painting was my first painting in which I did not complete a painting a day.  I decided that I was going to take my time to produce my work, not pressured to produce mass quantity, but rather take my time and produce rich quality.

True Companions close up2

As you can see from the photo above, there are multiple colors which blend through this painting making up the colorful composition which enrich these horses.  Details of rich depth, midtones, and light complete the muscular/skeletal structure.

True Companions close up

I try not to get the colors too rainbow like, adding subtle lighting and dark colors break up and tone down the bright colors.   I am really happy with the outcome of this painting, and look forward to painting more!

If you are interested in visiting my website, you can do so by clicking HERE

Thank you for visiting and ENJOY!

Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
©Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist


Friday, November 14, 2014

Abstract Downtown Denver Colorado City Painting By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

"Downtown Denver Night Lights"

Abstract Colorful City Painting

This painting is one of my favorite cityscapes of all time!  Supreme energy captures the Denver nightlife city scene perfectly.  Nothing beats the Denver skyline with the majestic Rocky Mountains and beautiful sunsets.  I must say, I am proud to be a Colorado artist!

Prints are available!  Click Here

Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist
©Morrison Studios

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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Contemporary Abstract Bear Painting By Contemporary Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk, October Bear

"October Bear"

3 ft by 4 ft Contemporary Bear Oil Painting

This painting was so much fun to paint!  Very abstract with beautiful colors of Autumn adorning this Grizzly.  This painting is painted with thick oil paints.  The details were applied by adding layers upon layers of oil paints with a palette knife.  This bear is big, bold and awesome!

"October Bear Close Up"

A close up photo of "October Bear"

I hope you enjoy this painting!  Prints are available!


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
A Contemporary Fine Artist
© Morrison Studios

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Brave Ones Indian War Horses by Marcia Baldwin

Indian War Horses
This is an original oil painting
on gallery wrap canvas, no frame needed to display.
36" x 18"


original oil painting
16 x 16
Artist, Marcia Baldwin
Available Online Gallery Auction

Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Abstract Contemporary Horse Painting By Colorado Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk, Spirit Awakening

"Spirit Awakening"

Oil On Canvas
Contemporary Horse Palette Knife Painting
4ft by 4ft
1 3/4 Inch Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This painting is part of my series titled "The Neutral Zone".

I love creating horse paintings whether it be colorful or Earth tones, even black and white!

This painting is the same style as I have painted for years, only without the bright colors.  I love creating different color palettes for my collectors to choose from.  

Contact me by email if you have any questions about this painting.  
You can visit my website by clicking here!


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


36" X 24"
original oil painting
gallery wrap canvas
no frame needed for display