Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The End of a New Beginning

Abstract Painting on canvas is most likely the obvious thing you think of when thinking of abstract art. Perhaps you think of Jackson Pollock’s great technique, so very unusual with his applying the paints by dropping them on the canvas from directly above, or a Diebenkorn piece’s melding of cityscape and geometrical divisions within the framework of his canvas. If you consider the ways and means of most art collectors, very few have the venue of a luxurious expansive room to display an abstract sculpture or even a simple plasma ball. The undecorated plane of the living room wall is what we think of the most, and how do we plan to decorate it? Why, with abstract art on canvas, leading our minds into considerations of shape and color and their myriad combination to form a piece of art.

If canvas is the medium you have chosen and you prefer to leave the stretching and priming of canvas up to the experts, then the next thing you will consider is size. Is your space near unlimited, a fine bare expanse that begs for a three-piece work, each piece slightly separated from its mate by the interest of a few inches of painted wall? Then you may splurge and purchase a sofa to place under this masterpiece, matching the fabric or leather to the colors in the painting, rather than vice versa. Choose an endtable lamp or a set of them and your conversation area is completed. Add a coffee table and you invite a guest or two to settle on the sofa, sipping finely brewed coffee and chatting about art. Voila! You have constructed an intimate coffee house atmosphere with minimal fuss. Abstract art on canvas can be added to your home in this simple manner.

For the home with simpler square footage, make sure that your art is of the sort that looks good either with or without a frame, that is, it may be simply stretched over its wooden stretchers and hung as is. In this way, your and your guests’ attention is on the art itself and not its framing; if you decide to frame, it ought to be minimally done. Save the ornate gold or silver-inlaid frame for the small pieces which can use the additional interest. These small pieces may be used as a grouping, perhaps three or two in an area, even presenting a sort of narrative of abstract art. There is so much to think about when selecting abstract art and its framing. You will rise to the challenge, however, because the art deserves it.

Now that you’ve chosen abstract art on canvas, think about its maintenance. A light dusting will be recommended at times by the experts, but they all agree that cleaning of a deeper sort, with specially formulated cleaners, is best left up to the experts. So do the right thing by your piece of art and give it the best care possible, secure it from the sun’s damaging rays by using special track lighting and your artwork will give you and yours tremendous pleasure for years.

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